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About The Project

Solenco Climanext is a JV between Solenco Services LLP and Climanext with a specific objective of providing services related to initial appraisal for an identified potential project, apply approved GCC methodology, prepare GCC project submission form, arrange for project verification by third party ‘GCC Verifier’, organizing Global Stakeholder consultation, submission of projects for registration, coordinating assessment by GCC secretariat, obtaining Final recommendation by GCC steering committee member, obtaining Project registration in ‘GCC program’ and entering long-term contracts for selling of carbon credits in international markets.

Solenco Services LLP develops renewable energy power projects in India, particularly Solar Parks covering various geographical areas in India. It has a team of specialists with deep experience in developing Renewable Energy projects cover Solar, Wind, and Hydro. The team’s experience exceeds 100 years and covers entire spectrum of development, financing and execution of Solar and wind projects. The team has specific experience in developing solar parks and offshore wind energy.

ClimaNext team has combined experience in the field of Climate change and the Carbon market or more than 60 years. It has experienced with multiple standards (CDM, Gold Standard, VERRA, GCC) and in projectsrelated to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency space.


Scope of Services

The scope of services includes the following:

– Apply approved GCC methodology
– Prepare GCC project submission form
– Project verification by third-party‘ GCC Verifier’
– Global Stakeholder consultation
– Project submittal for registration.
– Assessment by GCC secretariat
– Final recommendation by GCC steering committee member.
– Project registered by ‘GCC program’
– GCC project on the website.

Approved Carbon Emission Reductions (ACR) Validation

The consultant will prepare the PD based on the Global Carbon Council (GCC) standard requirements. The client will provide the Consultant with all the technical information/data required for preparing the PD and other supporting documents.

  • Baseline, additionality The baseline and additionality will be demonstrated as per the requirements of gcc standard and will be a part of the pd. The client will provvaluee all supporting information to determine the project activity is additional through investment analysis and/or barrier analysis.

  • Mrv protocol The monitoring, reporting and verification (mrv) protocol will be prepared by the consultant as per the requirements of gcc.

  • Environmental impact The environmental impact assessment (eia) documents and/or other environmental impact- related documents, if available, shall be made available to the consultant, which will be used to prepare documents as per gcc requirements outlining positive and/or negative environmental impacts.

  • Identification of valvalueation and verification body (vvb) for performing the valvalueation audit.

Approved Carbon Emission Reductions (ACR) Validation

The consultant will prepare the MR based on the applicable GCC guidelines. The Client would provide the Consultant with all the technical information/data required for preparing the MR.

  • The consultant will assist the Client in:
    – Collection of Documents.
    – Preparation of monitoring reports as per the applicable formats and forms of GCC at the time of monitoring report webhosting.
    – Assistance in the identification of VVB for completing verification of the project activities.
    – Arrangement of site visit & completing the site visit as per the requirement of the Verifier.
    – Resolution of CAR & CL identified by the auditor in the DVR reports.
    – Successful Closure of the DVR & conversion to FVR
    – Submission of documents for the issuance to GCC Board.
  • The consultant will provide the MR to the auditor. The consultant will help the client to prepare answers to the queries posted by the public/parties if any. The scope shall include but will not be limited to preparation of MR and submission of documents to GCC board for requesting issuance.

The consultant shall select and appoint a VVB eligible under GCC to get the project completed.